Technical Assistance to support the creation of a training institute for the Judiciary

The overall objectives of the project were to contribute to the development of the rule of law by enhancing the legal knowledge and professional skills of judges and prosecutors and to strengthen the independence of Judiciary. The specific objectives of the project were to establish a Public Judicial Institute (hereinafter PJI) which will be an institutional development and upgrading of the “Centre for Continuing Education” (CCE) and which will provide initial and continuous training to members of the Macedonian judiciary, to assist the drafting of the main legal instruments for its establishment, to prepare curricula for the mandatory initial training of judges and prosecutors and for the continuous training of judges and prosecutors, to contribute to the selection of future trainers and to provide them training and to train the future PJI staff in administrative and managerial modalities of running a similar institute based on relevant European best practices of institution building.

The project was structured according to four components:

1. Legal drafting;
2. Curricula Development;
3. Institution building;
4. Training including the pilot implementation of the initial training curricula, the continuous training curricula as well as specific training on EU law for a) trainers and b) judges and prosecutors.

Start Date: 
End Date: 
13 months
Project Budget: 
€ 1 151 000