Human Resources Communication Strategies Development Institute of Finance (Ministry of Finance)

 The overall objective of the project was to assist the Institute of Finance in the reform process led by the Ministry of Finance. It involved the achievement of the following specific objectives:

• Measure the awareness, by different population groups, of the actual economic challenges facing Lebanon. their understanding and support of current reforms undertaken by the MoF, the priorities of economic reform as seen by the public and concerns of the public by priority areas, information sources relied on, including media, civil society organizations, professionals and other channels in influencing public opinion etc.;
• Obtain information about the characteristics, the levels of knowledge, attitude and behaviour of external audiences;
• Investigate the information needs of stakeholders and the communication means and channels used through which the general public, small and large business owners, pensioners, civil servants and other stakeholders learn about changes in the tax system and in the field of privatization;
• Make a content analysis of selected media (print, radio and TV programmes);
• Investigate the effectiveness of communication channels and means currently used by the MoF.

Start Date: 
End Date: 
7 months
Project Budget: 
€ 630 000