Further Strengthening of the Institutional Capacities of the Academy for the Training of Judges and Prosecutors

The overall objective of this EU financed project is to enhance the independence, efficiency and professionalism of the judiciary. The purpose of this contract is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Academy for the Training of Judges and Public Prosecutors (ATJP).

The project is divided into the following components:
Component 1 - Development of a de-centralised training mechanism

  • Re-design the training mechanism and define a de-centralised training system;
  • Assist the ATJP in implementing the de-centralised training system.

Component 2 - Improving the training programme system

  • Develop new methodologies for Training Need Analysis (TNA);
  • Improve training capacities in relation to EU and international law.

Component 3 - Setting up of an e-learning system

  • Better insertion and acquaintance with modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT);
  • Design an E-learning platform for the ATJP an deliver E-learning training sessions for judges, public prosecutors and other staff within the judiciary.

Component 4 - Strengthening the capacity of the ATJP as regards its library facilities and its website

  • Improve the functionalities of the library by enhancing the IT infrastructure and systematising the endowment of the library with national, European and international legal materials;
  • Develop the website of the ATJP as a main instrument for visibility and networking.
Start Date: 
End Date: 
21 months
Project Budget: 
€ 900.000